As we talked about in a previous blog, taking advantage of screen printing services for customized merchandise and apparel are great ways to advertise for your business. However, not all businesses function best with the same type of advertising materials. Today we are going to take a look at the best types of merchandise and apparel to use for marketing based on the type of business that you are marketing for.


The best way to market a restaurant is apparel. If customers like to frequent your establishment, they have most likely told others about this habit. They also would, more than likely, be more than happy to buy a hat, t-shirt, or sweatshirt to support your business and show others that they support it.

Coffee Houses

Coffee Houses can also sell t-shirts, hats, and other apparel for those who are big fans of the coffee, or the employees serving it. Chances are, your customers will end up purchasing a logoed travel mug from your frequented coffee shop. Some coffee shops even offer discounts for bringing in one of their reusable mugs or travel mugs, which is a great incentive for regulars to purchase them.

Grocery Stores

Many grocery stores are now selling reusable bags. These bags will save you 10 cents per bag every time you shop, and are generally branded with the store’s name on them. They were designed to prevent wasting paper or plastic sacks every time you grocery shop, but are also used as another form of advertising.


Banks are best off advertising with smaller items such as pens and keychains. Because a bank is a necessary establishment, it makes sense to put your information on merchandise that is also necessary and useful to customers. Your customers are bound to use your logoed pen at the office, or loan it to someone else to spark attention to your business.

Car Maintenance/Body Shops

These places are best off advertising with window stickers. If you get exceptional service from a body shop or car maintenance servicer, why wouldn’t you want to advertise the work directly on your car. A window sticker is the perfect way for customers to show their appreciation for your work, and for you to show off the quality work that you do by advertising directly on it. Dealerships often put some sort of emblem on each vehicle that is sold on their lot to tell others where it was purchased. They use window stickers, license plate frames, and sometimes go as far as to brand the vehicle the same way the manufacturer does.

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