The revolution of screen printing

Screen printing t-shirts among other mediums seems to be a very prevalent way to voice opinions, likes, and dislikes in this day and age. Funny sayings, unique symbols and designs, and quotations from those we respect have all become popular topics for the t-shirts of today’s youth. Our generation is about being unique in any way possible. We individualize our products, clothing styles, and other aspects of our lives in any way that we can. We want to stand out. We want to be heard. We want the clothes that we wear to stand out. We want to represent who we are and what we do, the company we work for, or the cause that we stand for. Screen printing is revolutionizing our unique abilities to subconsciously market for businesses, as well as for ourselves.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing services are a printing technique where mesh is used to transfer ink onto a media form. Your design or idea is transitioned into mesh for screen printing purposes. The ink blade moves back and forth filling the open sections of mesh with ink, much like how a marker is used with a stencil. The filling of the mesh with ink in turn creates a design on a t-shirt, hat, pen, or other medium. This method can be used on cloth, wood, vinyl, and other materials to create your own personal masterpiece.

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