Make the bride to be’s special night on the town even more memorable with matching screen printed t-shirts for the entire posse. Screen printed t-shirts are a great way to identify all of the girls in the party, and keep them all together. It draws attention to the exciting event of a wedding in the near future, makes the bride feel like she is being noticed by everyone in the room, and the shirts will make for great memorabilia after the wedding. For the back of the shirts, come up with a cute quote or phrase that is personal to the bride, or have the shirts made with the last name of the husband to be to incorporate the idea of a sports team. Then either put a photo of the couple on the front of the shirts, a ring graphic, or cute saying like “Last Fling Before The Ring,” or “ Team Bride.” Make sure to order enough shirts for all of the ladies enjoying the bachelorette party! You can even order the shirts to coordinate with the bride’s wedding colors. Of course the bride needs to stand out so make sure to make her shirt a different color, white is always a good choice.

Make your bride feel like the most important girl in the room with matching screen printed t-shirts designed around her and her special celebration.  This small gesture will make the night feel much more personalized. Let us make this bachelorette party a coordinated night to remember with customized apparel for the bride and all of her right hand ladies. Contact Mile High Screen Prints of Denver to get started!