Everyone loves to feel like they are a part of a team. It could be an athletic team, book club, a team at work, or other recreational activity. Whether you are a part of a recreational sports league or club, or play on a well known team, nothing boosts team morale and spirit like matching uniforms. Make choosing your uniforms a team building activity. Take a vote, or give each individual a chance to voice their opinion to ensure that everyone will be fairly happy with the final determination. Everyone wants their opinion or input to be valued. Create your design as a team, or if it is a school league use your team mascot to represent where you are from.

Why Is Having Uniforms So Important?

Having uniforms does just what it says – it unifies your team. People then know exactly what you are a part of; they help to brand you in a sense. They also represent that you are proud to be a part of it. Matching sweat suits or shirts can make you feel empowered. It feels good to be recognized as a part of something, and increase the sense of community within the team. It has also been proven in several experiments that teams generally perform better when they are matching. Uniform clothing leads your team in a charge towards their goal.

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