You love your team, but you don’t love their swag. Chances are that your friends and family feel the same way. You have been looking for a cool hat or tee to represent your team, while simultaneously representing you and your style. Unfortunately, you have failed thus far to find that happy medium. Well today, the wait is over. Create your own custom screen printed t-shirts from Mile High Screen Prints of Denver to represent your team and your style. Get one for each of your friends and family, so that you can all rep your team in style.

The Process

  • Simply send us in your design, or your idea and the name of your favorite sports team and we can design it for you!
  • Pick the color of the product that you want your custom design printed on
  • Pick the type of product that you want your design printed on, whether that is a t shirt, hat, sweatshirt or other piece of apparel.
  • Wait one to two weeks for your merchandise to be ready!

You may even want to keep a few extras on hand for others who will love your custom screen printed t-shirts. The more you order, the more you save! So, get creative, and rally up your sports loving friends!  Express yourself, your style, and your taste in sports with custom screen printed t-shirts with Mile High Screen Prints of Denver! Contact us today to get started on your custom screen printed sports t-shirts or other swag!