Looking to raise money for a cause? Screen printed t-shirts are a great way to spread awareness while raising money. It is simple. Create a design that represents the specific person or cause that you are trying to raise money for, send it to Mile High Screen Prints of Denver. Have your design printed on the type and color of shirt that you desire, and start selling the shirts to raise awareness and money. Not an artist? No problem, the designers at Mile High can create a design for you! Simply tell us what kind of design you are looking for and what you need to be included in the design. We will create the design and get your screen printed t-shirts shipped to you in no time.

What Kind Of Cause Do Screen Printed T-Shirts Work Well For?

You can get screen printed t-shirts for any type of cause. If someone you know is struggling from cancer, alzheimer’s, or another serious disease that can be accompanied by major expenses, you can create a shirt to honor him or her and sell the shirts to friends and family members for $50 a shirt to raise money for the cause instead of just asking for donations. You can even use the shirts to promote a cause that you just believe is important regardless of your personal connection, such as muscular dystrophy or breast cancer. If you are passionate about any kind of cause, screen printed t-shirts are the perfect way to get the word out and raise money for your cause of choice.


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