Honey, what does it say?

I don’t know, I’m still waiting……

Well how long is it supposed to take?

Just a few minutes.

Oh my gosh….We did it.

We are having a baby!

You’re Pregnant!

The idea of bringing a tiny life into this world is extremely exciting, especially for those couples that have to try really hard to get to that point. There are many couples that struggle with fertility, so when they finally get pregnant, it is a huge deal for everyone. Regardless of how long it took for you to get pregnant, you now will be bringing a life into this world in just a few short months. It is time to start preparing. You begin creating a nursery and preparing to become parents. After waiting a few months, just to be sure, you begin to tell your friends and family the good news! Everyone is very excited for you, and of course, they ask the question of the sex.


If you haven’t been able to have a child of your own, you can still opt to have a gender reveal party for the child that you are adopting! Just because you can’t have a baby of your own, doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the fun that comes with waiting to have your new child in your arms!

The Reveal

You try to think of a way to make your reveal party stand out among the rest. You have seen the box full of balloons, the husband’s hand prints on the white t-shirt, the colored filling inside of the cake, handing out scratch off tickets, party poppers filled with the right color of confetti, and a pinata filled with blue or pink flower petals. You want something a little more unique.

You are still a few weeks out from finding out what the sex of the baby is, but decide to host a gender reveal party to announce the news to your friends and family. You invite your friends and family, and ask them to please RSVP with their guess on the gender of your little spud, as well as their shirt size. You decide to have custom screen printed t-shirts, made by a local Denver shop, for all of your guests, one for team boy, and another for team girl. You pass out the shirts as your guests arrive at the party. You decide on an abstract canvas baby reveal idea. You fill black balloons with different shades of the color that represents your baby’s sex, and then give your guests darts to throw to pop the balloons and reveal the sex of the baby. The paint abstractly splatters and drips down the canvas, it’s blue!  We are having a boy! Your guests now know the sex of your baby and you have a new piece of art to place in your nursery.

If you need screen printed t-shirts, hats, koozies, or other memorabilia for your gender reveal party, or any other occasion, contact Mile High Screen Prints of Denver! We would be happy to create custom apparel and any other merchandise for your next big celebration!