There are a lot of money making opportunities within a business setting. Part of being a good business owner is always finding new ways to grow your business and, of course, to grow your income. In the Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins areas, we have hundreds of start up companies and amazing businesses that aren’t as well known as they could, or should be. Marketing customized apparel to clients or employees is a great way to gain a little bit of additional income while gaining free marketing resources.

Support From Your Local Fans

Even in this day and age of social media, most businesses still get most of their clientele by word of mouth and recommendation. When people love the services that you provide or the products that you sell, they are likely to support you in other ways. When you believe in a business and what it is doing, you want to spread the word. If you give your customers the option of purchasing a cool, fun, and colorful custom t-shirt or sweatshirt with your business logo or motto at an affordable price, people will be likely to support you and your Boulder, Denver, or Fort Collins business venture. The Northern Colorado area is big on supporting local businesses, over big chain and corporation ventures.

Creating Appealing Merchandise

Wondering how you will come up with the designs for your apparel? Not to worry! Mile High Screen Prints offers complimentary design services with every order! Simply send our design team some ideas or suggestions for your apparel design(s) and we will be happy to make your design come to life for you at no additional charge! If you are artistically gifted, then just send us the exact design that you want and we are more than happy to screen print that design as well. Then all that is left to do is choose colors, sizes, and the brand of apparel on which you would like your design printed. We want to create beautifully made merchandise for you and your business.

Let Your Customers Market For You

With customers purchasing your local, custom, business apparel, you can bet that they will also be wearing it around town. So not only will the purchases of the actual apparel give you a little extra income after marking them up from the bulk price, but they will also draw in the attention of others passing the wearer of the merchandise. In theory, people wearing your eye-catching merchandise will generate more business for your establishment. If nothing else, creating interesting but cool apparel will be a great conversation starter for many loyal and local customers. Give someone a reason to spark up conversation over your apparel. This will hopefully help the person develop an interest or desire about visiting the business; bringing you more customers. Get your name and your services out into the world with amazing custom screen printed products from Mile High Screen Prints. Contact us today to speak with one of our incredible designers, or to place your order for custom screen printed apparel.