1. Customizing Your Gender Reveal Party

    Honey, what does it say? I don’t know, I’m still waiting…… Well how long is it supposed to take? Just a few minutes. Oh my gosh….We did it. We are having a baby! You’re Pregnant! The idea of bringing a tiny life into this world is extremely exciting, especially for those couples that have to try really hard to get to that point. There are many couples that struggle with fertility, so w…Read More

  2. Unite Your League

    Wearing uniquely designed team t-shirts is all the craze. There are hundreds of websites that sell their own custom designs. If you can dream it, we can create it. No need to hunt for the shirts that you want, create them instead with a little help from your friends at Mile High Screen Prints of Denver. There are many types of teams and groups that you can be a part of, all which should require ma…Read More

  3. Your Favorite Sports Team Swag, Your Way

    You love your team, but you don’t love their swag. Chances are that your friends and family feel the same way. You have been looking for a cool hat or tee to represent your team, while simultaneously representing you and your style. Unfortunately, you have failed thus far to find that happy medium. Well today, the wait is over. Create your own custom screen printed t-shirts from Mile High Screen…Read More

  4. Keep Track Of Your Kids

    Whether you are a teacher, summer camp director, or you run a daycare, it can be very challenging at times to keep track of all of the kids that you are in charge of, especially on field trip days. When you decide to take a group of 20 or 30 kids on a field trip, you are stressed. You want to have a good time, and you want the kids to have a good time as well, but how can you relax when you and yo…Read More

  5. Looking To Raise Money For A Cause?

    Looking to raise money for a cause? Screen printed t-shirts are a great way to spread awareness while raising money. It is simple. Create a design that represents the specific person or cause that you are trying to raise money for, send it to Mile High Screen Prints of Denver. Have your design printed on the type and color of shirt that you desire, and start selling the shirts to raise awareness a…Read More

  6. Why Your Should Order Screen Printed T-Shirts For Employees

    Nothing boosts employee morale like a freshly colored team polo shirt. Screen printing or embroidering shirts is a great and affordable way to have all of your employees look uniform with one another, while representing your business with class. It also makes them feel like they are an important member of the team. Uniforms Are A Professional Way To Identify Employees Giving your employees uniform…Read More

  7. Custom Bachelorette Party Shirts

    Make the bride to be’s special night on the town even more memorable with matching screen printed t-shirts for the entire posse. Screen printed t-shirts are a great way to identify all of the girls in the party, and keep them all together. It draws attention to the exciting event of a wedding in the near future, makes the bride feel like she is being noticed by everyone in the room, and the shir…Read More

  8. Your Establishment Vs. Marketing Merchandise

    As we talked about in a previous blog, taking advantage of screen printing services for customized merchandise and apparel are great ways to advertise for your business. However, not all businesses function best with the same type of advertising materials. Today we are going to take a look at the best types of merchandise and apparel to use for marketing based on the type of business that you are…Read More

  9. Bond Your Team With Custom Uniforms

    Everyone loves to feel like they are a part of a team. It could be an athletic team, book club, a team at work, or other recreational activity. Whether you are a part of a recreational sports league or club, or play on a well known team, nothing boosts team morale and spirit like matching uniforms. Make choosing your uniforms a team building activity. Take a vote, or give each individual a chance …Read More

  10. How To Use Customized Apparel For Additional Income

    There are a lot of money making opportunities within a business setting. Part of being a good business owner is always finding new ways to grow your business and, of course, to grow your income. In the Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins areas, we have hundreds of start up companies and amazing businesses that aren’t as well known as they could, or should be. Marketing customized apparel to client…Read More